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KPMG Releases Internal Audit of the Future

KPMG has released a whitepaper which leverages the insights and perspectives shared at a forum which brought together nine internal audit directors from leading financial institutions including Barclays, BMO Financial, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Bank of Nova Scotia, Morgan Stanley, Lloyds TSB, RBS and provided the opportunity for the group to identify key business drivers for change in today’s global financial services marketplace.

Key discussion points were around:
– Integrated Assurance Model
– Continuous Auditing and Technology
– Internal Audit’s Role
– Balancing Stakeholder Expectations
– Risk-Based Approach
– The Right People

The whitepaper here also highlights key action steps for Internal Audits to take to help meet expectations in 2010 and beyond.


FSA releases report on data security for FS

FSA releases report on protection of consumer data within Financial Services industry. This review was carried out by FCID (Financial Crime and Intelligence Division) of FSA – In summary, it highlights the need for improvement in current practices deployed in the financial services industry for protecting consumer data. It also highlights and acknowledges a few good practices currently in place.

Main findings were around following themes:
– Governance
– Training and Awareness
– Staff recruitment and vetting
– Controls
– Physical Security
– Disposing of customer data
– Managing third-party suppliers; and
– Internal audit and compliance.

Click here for detailed report