10th Global Information Security Survey by Ernst & Young

The 10th Annual Ernst & Young Global Information Security Survey has been released and it reveals that companies are still failing to implement a holistic approach towards Information Security as the security function remains too isolated from executive management and the strategic decision-making process.

Below are highlights of the survey results:

-Meeting business objectives is a growing focus of information security.

-Information security is now more integrated into overall risk management.

-Information security remains isolated from executive management and the strategic decision making process.

-Improving IT and operational efficiency are emerging as important objectives.

-Compliance continues to be primary driver of information security improvements.

-Privacy and data protection have become increasingly important drivers of information security.

-Organisations rely on audits and self-assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of their information security programs.

-Organisations are demanding more from vendors and business partners in managing third-party relationships.

-The greatest challenge to delivering information security projects continues to be the availability of experienced IT and information security resources.

Click here to download the survey.


1 Response to “10th Global Information Security Survey by Ernst & Young”

  1. 1 myreaders January 16, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    From myreaders http://myreaders.wordpress.com/ 16. 01. 2008

    Title : “Satellite Image – source for terrestrial information, threat to national security”, I preferred to talk while invited to deliver a lecture on “Information Security”, a short term course conducted by MANIT, Dec. 10 -14, 2007. I extended my talk to give an over view of Imaging satellites, Globalization of terrestrial information and views expressed about National security.
    URL: http://myreaders.wordpress.com/2007/12/31/143/
    URL : http://myreaders.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/satellite-image-source-for-terrestrial-information-threat-to-national-security.pdf
    R. C. Chakraborty.

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