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Subprime debacle demystified

I say, spot on. Good laugh really!



Security Manager’s Journal: Indian Audit Comes With a Silver Lining

A challenge and market driver shared by many global organisations which is already being successfully pursued by several JV-consulting boutiques and Big4’s in the outsourcing regions (India/China/Russia/Hungary/Ireland/etc) through international referrals, joint reporting, branding, etc. They are bit more expensive though, but it reasonably mitigates the risks relating to lack of skill-set in the market place, engagement / audit and most importantly the risk of having terms and conditions with an individual rather than an established entity. Lucky find for the author, but surely it is not an easily repeatable achievement.


An assessment of a partner in India turns up some problems, but they’re small, and the auditor’s a keeper

Nearly half of Americans see recession

The American public’s perception of subprime mortgage debacle.


Survey finds that 46 percent of respondents believe the U.S. economy is in recession, while 51 percent disagree with the statement.
October 18 2007: 11:02 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Nearly half of Americans feel the U.S. economy is in a recession, marked by a significant decline in economic activity, according to a survey released Thursday.

Information Security Forum releases free best practices standard

Depending on it’s usage, it is a pretty good standard and I have used it in the past quite successfully. It can be downloaded from here


The Information Security Forum (ISF), a nonprofit IT security group, today announced the availability of its updated Standard of Good Practice, a free benchmark that organizations can use to assess and reduce risks related to information systems.